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All Bike Green Group services

Bike Green services satisfy any type of cyclist, from the most demanding agonists who need top-of-the-range components in a short time to amateur cyclists and hobbyists.
We specialize in supplying products and services for both high-end competition cycling and amateur cycling.
Sale and assistance of high quality bicycles and accessories, bike rental and home delivery services, assistance, bike maintenance.

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All the services

Bike Green Group is the Leader specialized in the rental of all types of bicycles in Southern Sardinia:

Carbon road bikes, aluminum and carbon mountain bikes with normal and assisted pedaling, city bikes, electric bikes, children’s bikes and accessories from the best brands consisting of a fleet of bicycles that are always new and perfectly checked at every ride.
The bike green rental offer is completed by home delivery and collection of bikes and long and short term rental.

Bike Green Group stores

Bike Green Group is present in Southern Sardinia with three centers specialized in the sale of bicycles from the best companies in the world such as TREK and GIANT, accessories and spare parts from the best brands such as Bontrager of the Trek Bikes Group, Garmin, Shimano.

To complete the quality of our offer, the prestigious Santini brands of technical clothing, Nortwave clothing and sports shoes.

Excursions Cycle tourism Bike tours in Sardinia

Bike Green offers road bike and mountain bike tours in Sardinia.
Large medium and mini tours in stages and excursions led by expert local guides to safely live the experience of Sardinia by bicycle, Tours equipped with an assistance van with or without bike rental.

Bike maintenance.

Bike Green Group offers assistance and maintenance services for any type and brand of bicycle.
Our warehouses have any spare parts and a quick supply service allows you to order spare parts in a very short time.

General Conditions of Bike Rental Green Group Srls

    1. To obtain the rental of a bicycle, the User must present a valid identity document to the manager. The bicycle must be returned in compliance with the times communicated and / or posted at the rental points, in the same place where it was rented. In the event that the user returns the bicycle before the end of the rental agreement, no refund will be made.
    2. The bicycle rental by the User presupposes the unconditional knowledge and acceptance of these regulations, the rates, the opening and closing times of the facility in which the rental service was used. When renting bikes, users are expected to cycle on selected routes and be able to perform minor bicycle repairs such as inflating tires, changing a hose or repairing a puncture, keeping bikes clean and lubricated to ensure smooth running and bike safety. If unsure of what to do, guests are advised to seek local professional advice and support at their own expense.
    3. At the time of delivery of the bicycle, the User and the Manager will check its functionality status. It is the guest’s responsibility to return our bicycles and equipment in the same condition in which they are found at the start of the Bike Tour / Rental. The User must use the bicycle in order to avoid damage, both to it and to its accessories (basket, seat, kickstand, etc.); you must also use the lock provided whenever the bicycle is left unattended.
    4. The User is obliged not to transfer the rented bicycle to others and is responsible for the same at all times.
    5. The Manager will require the User to pay for damage and / or breakages caused or suffered to the bicycle; alternatively, the User may have the vehicle repaired at his own expense. Modifications or alterations, not previously authorized, to the bicycle are not allowed or reimbursed.
    6. In case of loss of keys or bicycle accessories, all charges due for the refurbishment will be borne by the User.
    7. The Manager can carry out checks on users during the use of bicycles, and request their immediate return if so ravvisano le condizioni di utilizzo improprio del veicolo.
    8. If the Manager finds a bicycle deemed abandoned, or in any case not returned after the deadline agreed upon at the time of rental, he can withdraw it even if it is locked with the alarm.
    9. The User is responsible for any damage caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third parties and things during the use of the vehicle. No form of compensation may be requested from the Manager. During the use of the bicycle, the User does not enjoy any form of insurance nor is the bicycle covered by insurance. The User is required to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The Manager declines all responsibility in the event of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code.
    10. In the event of theft of the bicycle, the User must submit to the Manager a copy of the theft report submitted to the competent judicial offices and pay the sum of € 500.00 as a security, which will be returned only in the case of recovery / recovery of the vehicle.
    11. Failure to return the bicycle without prior notice will be considered as theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.
    12. The Manager may refuse the rental of the bicycle to people in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs (pursuant to articles 186-187 of the Highway Code) or for other reasons at the sole discretion of the Manager.

    Mechanical assistance during the rental period for a fee